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Creating a more modern space

We've just started up a medical practise, and we need to redecorate our space to make it look modern and sleek. The building we are moving into was vacant for a while before we moved in, and it looks a bit dated and old. One of the first things we did was remove all of the old wallpaper and replace it with a nice clean layer of semi-sheen paint, and it's made such a huge difference already. This blog has the whole decorating project, as I thought it might be useful for other business administrators and business owners looking to redecorate.

How to Redecorate Your Teen's Bedroom to Make It Feel More Mature

Kids grow up fast, and before you know it, you might have a teenager in a child's bedroom. Being stuck with old football wallpaper or princess furniture is no fun for your teen when they have friends around—it doesn't exactly scream cool. Redecorating your teen's room shows them that you respect them as a mature young adult and will make them feel more comfortable at home. You don't need to spend a fortune on the room—the tips below are simple and effective, but not too costly.

Replace old wallpaper

The first step is to remove any old wallpaper from the room, leaving a bare wall to work with. You could use a steamer to remove the paper yourself or hire a painter who includes this as part of their service. Once the walls are free from paper, you can decide on how to cover them. A neutral, pale colour is perfect for smaller rooms, as it makes them feel more spacious. If that's a bit too plain for your teen, then consider including a feature wall. You could pick a patterned wallpaper to cover one wall, or choose a dark colour like red, blue, or purple for a pop of colour. Be sure to pick a feature wall that will compliment the colour you choose for the rest of the room.

Paint mismatched furniture

If you've gathered a lot of furniture over the years, chances are it's a mish-mash of different colours. Painting wooden furniture with white paint creates a lovely 'distressed' look which is popular with teenage girls and solves the issue of different wood types clashing. For a more polished look, you could hire a professional to repaint all of the furniture in the room, and allow your teen to pick a colour. Black creates a modern look, while a bright colour like orange is a cool statement.

Keep it minimalist

Nothing says 'kid's room' like toys on every surface and posters covering every inch of wall. Keep the room looking minimalist and modern by helping your teen to have a clear out. You could sell old toys and use the money towards decorations for the new bedroom. If your teen isn't ready to let go of all their stuff, invest in some neat storage where everything can be kept out of the way. Stackable boxes are versatile, and under bed storage is a great way to make use of dead space. Try to keep surfaces free from clutter, and encourage your teen to stick to a few favourite items to display.