Creating a more modern space

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Creating a more modern space

We've just started up a medical practise, and we need to redecorate our space to make it look modern and sleek. The building we are moving into was vacant for a while before we moved in, and it looks a bit dated and old. One of the first things we did was remove all of the old wallpaper and replace it with a nice clean layer of semi-sheen paint, and it's made such a huge difference already. This blog has the whole decorating project, as I thought it might be useful for other business administrators and business owners looking to redecorate.

Tips for Renovating Your Bedroom on a Tight Budget

Ideally, a person's bedroom should be a serene sanctuary, where they can kick back and relax after a long day. If yours doesn't quite match up to this description and you're considering renovating it, here are a few tips on how to do this without spending a small fortune.


This is perhaps the most important point to bear in mind when attempting to renovate a bedroom on a tight budget. If your funds are limited, you probably won't be able to afford to upgrade or replace every single feature. As such, it's important to prioritise; that is, decide what changes will have the greatest impact on the overall appearance of the room.

For instance, if you live in an older property and the walls of your bedroom are covered in cracks, holes and scratches, then plastering and painting them would probably have a dramatically positive effect on the space, giving it a much more polished and modern look. In this example, it would be wiser to spend more of your money on the services of a professional tradesperson who specialises in these tasks than, say, buying an expensive bedside table, which wouldn't have quite as noticeable an impact on the space as plastering and painting.

Choose a simple decorating theme

Whilst complex decorating themes (for instance, bohemian or gothic) can look very visually striking, they are also some of the most expensive to create. Fussier styles like these often require excessive amounts of soft furnishings, trinkets, wall hangings and other decorative items, the costs of which can mount up alarmingly fast. If money is tight, it's best to stick to an uncomplicated decorative theme; a clean, white minimalist look for instance, or a simple, rustic style.

This will allow you to create an aesthetically-pleasing space without wasting too much money on unnecessarily-large amounts of decorative bits and bobs. Another benefit of opting for a simple theme is that it tends to make it easier to create a calm, peaceful ambience; although, the above-mentioned gothic and bohemian styles can be quite beautiful, they can make a room look and feel somewhat cluttered and chaotic.

Become a savvy shopper

If you're working with a tight budget, it's important to shop around. Visit online auction sites for things like bedroom furniture, artwork and soft furnishings; this is a great way to find affordable high-quality items. Additionally, it may be worth spending a few hours perusing local street markets for smaller items such as mirrors, dressing-table trinkets and rugs. Market stall owners are often happy to engage in some friendly haggling; if you're polite and persuasive, it's quite possible you could walk away with a few beautifully-crafted, unique decorative goods for just a few dollars.