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Creating a more modern space

We've just started up a medical practise, and we need to redecorate our space to make it look modern and sleek. The building we are moving into was vacant for a while before we moved in, and it looks a bit dated and old. One of the first things we did was remove all of the old wallpaper and replace it with a nice clean layer of semi-sheen paint, and it's made such a huge difference already. This blog has the whole decorating project, as I thought it might be useful for other business administrators and business owners looking to redecorate.


Three Tips to Help You Line Your Parking Lot Correctly

Most accidents which happen in the car park are a result of poor lot marking and painting. When a lot is properly marked, everyone can see where they are supposed to park their car and how to move in and out. There are two main ways in which you can paint your car park. The first is using a four-inch paint roller over a chalk outline. The second is using a car park striper to paint car park lines directly onto the car park, which is simpler and more effective and durable. Here are three tips which will help you get the best results when lining your car park. 

Getting the Right Tools

Before you start striping your car park, ensure that you have assembled all the necessary tools. You will need a striping machine and paint. There is a modern machine which carries out the entire function. The machine is used by professionals and will cost you more than a thousand dollars. It is a good tool to use because it has wheels and can negotiate corners and other sharp turns around the car park. However, if you are not able to purchase this machine, consider getting a handheld paint striper. You may have to sketch the lines which you want to paint, but with proper handling, you will still accomplish the task.

Getting the Right Paint Colours

The second factor which you have to consider is the paint colour. Generally, white and yellow are used for striping. You may also need to buy blue if you want to designate spots for handicapped parking. You can use a paint calculator to measure the area that you need to paint over and determine how much paint you need to cover the area.

Choosing Durable Paint

There is one huge challenge that comes with painting over asphalt. First is that the material gets hot when it is exposed to the sun. If the paint is poor in quality, it will run. The outside is also open to water and other external weather conditions. Buy paint whose specific function is striping as this eliminates the need to keep repainting when the paint wears out.

Striping a car park is something that can be done within a day, as long as you have the right tools and equipment. If you are not sure about the paint, tools or process, it is best to hire a professional to buy and do the painting. Professionally painted lots are least likely to cause accidents.